New Trends from the Milan Design Week 2017– lights

Last month I was in Milan to the Salone del Mobile, the world’s biggest design and furniture trade show!

I love devoting my energy and time to keeping up to date with the ever evolving styles and trends of beautiful interior design.  I do this so I can listen to my clients and give them customized support for their unique project.  Whether it’s modern or a more classic look that they are called to…

As much as I like furniture, I am particularly fascinated by lights and therefore I spent several hours wandering through Euroluce, the lighting section.

I am always amazed at the constant innovation in this sector: on top of being more and more energy efficient, lights become incredible objects: new materials are invented, new shapes possible…

Lamps are the finishing touches that can improve so many interiors both from an aesthetic and functional level (have you ever found yourself in a poorly lit environment?) and they’re always one of my favourite “chapters” in my renovation projects.

You could think that you could leave this part until the very end or even finish your renovation without even thinking about lamps, but in fact, planning upfront is very important so that you can have the wiring done correctly first time.

At the top: the new Hanami from Slamp! a brand we often install in my renovations. I love the red wire!


Clustered lights from Colombini Casa, a new supplier of mine , perfect for big volumes.

IMG_7862   IMG_7873


Brass and copper are back in fashion with lines that remind you of the fifties.

And here’s a copper light we installed in a recent apartment renovation in Brussels. We used a palette of light greens/blues and mustardy yellows and copper was just perfect.

standing renovation brussels lights