Refresh Your Home: Elisa

Elisa had been renting her apartment for quite a while and had never dared to make any changes. The result was that despite the fact that she had beautiful furniture and objects, they were not standing out and she didn’t enjoy some of the spaces, like her living room and the entrance.

She contacted me to find some quick and easy implementable ideas that she could do herself with a minor investment. Her idea was to make the apartment feel cosier, warmer, and more comfortable.



What was your starting point?

Despite the fact that I rent my apartment and thus I cannot make major works, I knew there was space for improvement. I couldn’t find it myself, so that’s why I contacted Francesca.

What didn’t you like regarding your initial situation?

A “dull” corridor, and a dark living room. I also needed to ask advice for many details like cushions, how to dispose paintings, etc… On how to make my house more pleasant to live.



Why hadn’t you changed things before?

After a while when you have lived in the same environment you simply don’t see “what’s wrong” and even though you want to change and improve the place you live in, you don’t exactly know where to start. I needed professional advice, an external viewpoint..

What is the final result?

Francesca helped me in creating a more harmonious and cosier living room, a corridor with more personality, and lots of important details that make all the difference.



How did the implementation go?

All the advice was quite easy to put into practice and didn’t require a big expense. My teenage daughter and I found it to be a nice challenge!



What have other people said?

The first thing people said (and keep on saying …) was, “Oh, your house looks nicer but… what did you do??”. Or “The living room looks bigger!” Definitely everyone likes the idea of having moved the library: there is no less light like I feared but much more space! I wouldn’t have dared to do it on my own!