a stylish toilet!

Being Italian, for me toilets existed only in public places, such as schools, offices, restaurants but never at home. So it took me a while to get used to this “new” room and to understand how I could make best use of it.

Toilets are often neglected spaces in our homes. However they are often the only other room our guests will visit apart from the living room.

If you toilet looks like this:

toilet prima

Here’s what you can do without any dust and disruption:

You can start by taking away the floor covering and replacing with something more stylish. A simple solution is to get a much nicer looking linoleum floor (cheap and easy to put).

You can change the toilet, the hand wash basin and the faucets and opt for more contemporary looking ones. You’ll pay for the products and for some hours of a handyman but if you don’t change the pipes and put everything where it used to be, that’s about it.

You can  change the colours of the walls and paint the visible pipes as well so that they blend with the rest.

You can buy nice, stylish accessories (paper holder, a big mirror, a shelf, a towel hanger) and complete with colourful towels and soap.

Here’s how this toilet was transformed with a bit more work that implied plumber work and tiling.

I love the way red brings a touch of colour also through displaying children artwork!

toilet dopo