a touch of fresh turquoise

I hope you will not get bored hearing about the Milan Design week again and again. I enjoyed it so much that I still have a lot to tell you!

I have already wrote about the red and the mustardy yellow in the previous weeks. The third colour that struck me was turquoise.

They were not used together but it is funny that they are triadic colours. “Triadic means three shades that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel. They are of relatively equal strength and can even clash, creating an interesting tension”. (Living etc.)

Yesterday at the talk that I held with Colour Expert Marcia O’Regan at the PWI Event, turquoise was mentioned several times. We discussed on how to transform spaces and how the use of colours can impact perceptions and emotions. Turquoise has both green and blue in it and is linked to abundance. It inspires but also relaxes.  Julie Anne, owner and founder of the creative lab Turtlewings, told me that she had chosen turquoise for one of the walls of her workshop purely for aesthetic reasons but that she realised that all people coming in would instantly relax at its sight.

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At the Milan fair, this colour was declined in all sort of items. From smaller furniture like this coffee table (“Sismic” from Roche Bobois), to the doors of this wardrobe (from Siloma), or smaller accessories.

Perfect for accent walls: here below, the Gervasoni meeting room had a colour palette of white, black and turquoise, very young, pop and elegant at the same time.


And for carpets: a simple way of adding a touch of colour to your floor.

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Accessories can be an easy way to add colour without too much of a commitment. Adding some frames and pictures on the bathroom vanity (why not!) or with a simple canvas.

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