Hello, my name is Francesca!

I believe houses speak to us about beauty, craftsmanship and the skill of building. And they tell us the story of those who live there – they carry emotions.

Renovation is the same. Working with my clients, I share the emotional experience as well as the practical tasks. For me, a successful renovation is one where everybody can contribute their talents and knowledge to create a beautiful new home in an atmosphere of trust, care and kindness.

But from renovating my own homes, I know that it isn’t easy. A renovation can be overwhelming when you’re in it alone. The pleasure of crafting a new home often turns into worry. Life becomes a struggle to keep on top of everything.

And you want a home that fills you with pride and joy. Not a home you tiptoe into, but a real home that fits your lifestyle and your dreams.

That’s what inspired me to combine my technical and artistic skills to help make renovations enjoyable and fulfilling.

Since I was a child, I’ve loved drawing and painting, and have a huge passion for art, heritage, design and style. During my studies, I turned my focus to the engineering aspects of beautiful buildings which led to my Master’s Degree in Building Engineering with a specialization in Renovation from the Politecnico di Milano and my qualification as an ‘Ingenieur Civil-Architecte’ at the Faculte Polytechnique de Mons. I also graduated Magna Cum Laude in Conservation of Monuments and Sites from the KU Leuven.

For several years, I worked as a project manager and consultant in international companies. In 2000, I moved to Brussels where I live with my husband and two children. Then in 2010, after gaining experience in the field with a general contractor, I set up by own business: Standing Renovation.

Besides my love of houses, I love family life and children. I volunteer for the BCT (Brussels Childbirth Trust) and support EFTC (Education for The Children).

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