an afternoon of relaxed creativity

I always had this idea of organising a party for my clients. My idea was to bring them and their children together and spend a relaxed afternoon eating yummy cakes, playing, and chatting. I also wanted  the children to be able to express their creativity, and why not … use it to decorate or improve houses because that’s what we’ve done together!

I set my bar high as I was looking for a space that could be at the same time:

1. beautiful and inspiring – as I strongly believe that the space we are in influences the way we feel and act;

2. practical yet still beautiful – because I wanted my small clients (my clients’ children) to be able to attend and their parents to enjoy the party;

3. fostering creativity – because what I do is all about transforming ideas into something tangible.

And for months my idea remained intangible because I thought that such space could not exists. Then I met Julie Anne Verbeelen and went to play with my children at her creativity center Turtlewings. It took me a while to put the two pieces together until I had my ha-ha moment and decided that this was precisely the place I was looking for.

Francesca Puccio Standing Renovation Turtlewings 1

A few months after my idea finally turned into reality and on a cold, wet and grey November afteroon my clients’ families  joined me for a warm cup of tea and an afternoon of creativity and fun.


The children enjoyed decorating (cardboard) houses and building incredible architectures!

Francesca Puccio Standing Renovation Turtlewings 3 low

Francesca Puccio Standing Renovation Turtlewings 4