Creating the “WOW” factor

This apartment in Ixelles had been rented for a long time (and you can see how “unloved” it was) before my client bought it. 

Because of the size of it she knew this would be a first investment and not the home for life, so she wanted the apartment renovation to transform the space into a cozy, welcoming, and young place without spending a fortune. 

Here’s how we did it.

In the entrance hall we replaced an old cupboard with some open elements and nice hooks and created a first strong impact by using wall paper on one wall and the same colour on the others. We added a vintage lamp with copper elements as a final touch.

The entrance hall before and after

If you’ve rented an apartment in Brussels you have probably had a kitchen like this … I certainly had in my very first apartment!

The new kitchen is 100% Ikea but changed dramatically the space and the feeling! We chose a white and grey combination and used the same colour scheme for the lamps and the tiles.  We added a touch of copper here as well.

The kitchen before

The kitchen after

The living and dining room are two “piece en enfilade” that had no particular appeal. The white walls and grey carpet made the space feel so dull and unloved.

We added a new parquet on the floor which added a touch of warmth. On the walls we used an off-white on most of the walls and a darker colour on one. Then again, we added a touch of copper!

The living room before

The living room after

The dining room before

The dining room after

From the technical point of view, we did not compromise and all the technical installations (piping, electricity) were redone as they were old and not compliant. 

The bathroom was also completely redone. Its original size was too big compared to the rest of the apartment so we managed to redesign it and create a small separate laundry space out of it which also serves as storage. 

the bathroom before and after

The new redesigned spaces created an interesting distribution space when going from the living room to the night area.

Bathroom and bedrooms were slightly modified to allow a better flow and create a laundry/storage space

The bedroom was also redesigned slightly, moving the door of a few centimeters to allow adding a wardrobe behind.

We created a feature wall behind the bed using wall paper that has the same colours of the walls.

A detail in the bedroom

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