before and after: an attic bathroom transformation

Bathrooms are one of the rooms that are practically ALWAYS renovated when buying a new property. It is not only a matter of considering it a very intimate and private space, it’s also because this room is acquiring more and more importance in our lifestyle. Bathrooms are now considered mini-retreats, where one can relax, take care of her/himself and just be surrounded by beauty. Like a former client of mine wrote me regarding her newly renovated bathroom “My special treat is to read while having a bath in our beautiful new bathroom – something I never did before.”

Here below is the before and after of an attic bathroom that will show you how with the right considerations and attentions a dull space can be transformed into your private small retreat!

The bathroom in its before phase was a DIY arrangement. The previous owner had did everything himself so, in addition to the doubtful finishing, no attention was given to the layout and to using the space (with its slanted roof) to its potential.

So, when it came to deciding what to do, we brainstorm quite a while on the different solutions for this room. There were many possibilities, the first one being that of transforming it into a bedroom and have a smaller bathroom elsewhere. Once we decided to keep it a bathroom, we had to decide whether or not to add a shower, what the layout would be and of course what sanitary fitting and accessories to choose.

francesca puccio standing renovation bathroom renovation

What was decided was to only have a bathtub and to place it where the roof was lower. You can see from the two pictures, how better it is not to have anything against the door and how more appropriate the bathtub is in this volume.

francesca puccio standing renovation bathroom renovatio

Then we chose colours and materials that would make the space look clean but elegant. I love contrasts so I would always recommend to create contrast between tiles and the vanity or sanitary fittings.

francesca puccio standing renovation bathroom renovatio

The colour palette here is chosen to balance the materials (ceramics = cold, wood = warm) and to create the sense of coziness that you would want in a personal spa!

francesca puccio standing renovation bathroom renovatio

“Keep it simple” : if storage is well organized, the floor and all surfaces can stay clear and decluttered and the atmosphere can be relaxed and “zen”.

francesca puccio standing renovation bathroom renovatio

The vanity was put on the tallest rectangular wall and coupled with a big mirror.

francesca puccio standing renovation bathroom renovatio

My personal advice: add a painting in the bathroom. Choose something that makes you connect to the space and whose colours harmonize with or complement your current colour palette.