choosing the right finishing

I am always amazed at how the same space can be totally transformed simply by changing the finishing. Even if a space is well proportioned, the feeling you get from it derives mostly by the materials, colours and textures that compose it.

A recent project illustrates this perfectly. The house, a villa in a beautiful green area just outside Brussels, had good spaces, nice views on the garden but it also had white glossy tiles on the floor, white-white walls, dark wooden doors and windows, dark velour curtains. The overall impression was not the most welcoming as it felt cold and a bit old-fashioned.

With the renovation, the whole look of the house changed, simply changing the finishing.





Oak parquet was put on the floors, walls were painted in a creamy shade of white and all wooden work was painted in white. A few walls were painted with darker creamy browns, grey-blue and light green shades.

The result is a more contemporary look but also a much cosier and welcoming atmosphere.