Creating a Sanctuary – A Bedroom Renovation

I had first met my clients soon after they had bought a beautiful townhouse in Brussels (Uccle to be precise). They were expecting their first child and had decided to go ahead on their own with a quick and basic renovation to move in with the baby. They concentrated on the ground floor and also on their bedroom.

A few years later they called me back to pursue the renovation of the rest of the house, which comprised of two more floors, and they hesitated initially on whether their bedroom had to be fully re- renovated or not.

After all, it was okay, the floor was sanded, and the walls were freshly painted in white. For sure they knew they wanted to add a proper wardrobe, and to do so I suggested closing off a door leading to another room “en enfilade”, but for the rest they thought the bedroom was fine as it was.

Once the works progressed in the rest of the house and they saw the transformation of the other spaces, they decided to go ahead with their bedroom too.

We decided to put a wall paper behind the bed and to paint the walls in a similar shade of grey as the wall paper.

We chose the Nuvolette design wall paper, drawn in the XX century by Italian artist Fornasetti and produced by Cole & Son, and coupled this with Pavillion Grey paint by Farrow & Ball on the walls. We deliberately painted the darkest part of the room with a darker colour, while leaving the part closest to the window in white.

Because the wall paper had a limited height, we added an extra molding that lowered the starting point of the ceiling, and this improved the proportion of the room.

We also had a moment of panic when discovering that the supplier had sold us the wrong model of wallpaper: it was a sort of gigantic poster but could not be continued left and right with the same pattern, and its width was smaller than the width of the wall!

So, we came up with the idea of centering the “poster” behind the bed and framing it with two grey lines left and right. I did a few tests to see how wide the lines should be and which parts to put left and right of the lines to avoid showing the repetition. The final result worked out well and this trick now looks like a very elegant idea!

Renovation by Francesca Puccio, Uccle

The two lines can be seen left and right of the bed!

A big new wardrobe from my supplier Siloma was added against the wall with the door that used to lead to the other room, and I suggested one with asymmetric doors to give a sort of rhythm to it.

The interior was personalized to fit my clients’ needs. Renovation by Francesca Puccio, Uccle

A good night read?! Renovation by Francesca Puccio, Uccle

The fire place displays beautiful pictures and contributes to a sense of calm. Renovation by Francesca Puccio, Uccle

Now the bedroom is not only better organized, but also feels so much more peaceful and cozy.

My clients were delighted and told me they are were in love with the bedroom (and with the rest of the house too 🙂 ).

If you need to change the style of one or several rooms with a very light renovation and the replacement of a few pieces of furniture, and decoration items, contact us at We have just created a service that is right for this kind of work.