The Ambit Rail Lamp by Muuto - Standing Renovation

Francesca Picks: Is your dining table dimly lit?

This month I am talking about the typical issue of having one long rectangular table and only one cable coming out of the ceiling.  You can install one lamp but you feel that it would only bring light to one portion of the table. 

The Ambit Rail Lamp by Muuto has one cable but three shades distributing the light across the whole table surface. It comes in black and white and you can choose the colour of the chord too.

It has this pure, clean Scandinavian look that I personally love!

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The Les Acrobates by Parisian brand DCW allows you to add extra shades and install them where you want. You can choose the quantity of shades, the type of shade and then install them at different heights if you want a dynamic and slightly industrial look.

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The Notte S33, by Italian company Prandina has two beautiful glass or copper diffusers that hang from the ceiling in the position you want.  They are elegant and timeless and become a beautiful statement on the table.

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