1930s sanitaryware

Francesca’s picks: sanitaryware for 1930s homes

My favourite style is creating a contrast using contemporary items within a period setting.

However, I never impose my style upon my clients; if they prefer a classic feeling, I help them to recreate a more traditional look that matches the original space. This is a lot of fun, too, and I often learn new things!

In this short blog I wanted to show you a few sanitaryware products that reproduce the style and lines of the 1930s.

Duravit 1930 Collection

Duravit is one of the leaders in sanitaryware, with a very large line of products for all tastes.

The 1930s line is particularly good because it is very flexible: toilets and bidets are available in both floor and suspended versions. Sinks come in different widths and a pedestal can be added if desired.

Duravit 1930 collection
Photo from www.duravit.com

Flaminia Efi Collection

Flaminia is an Italian brand that has a lot of contemporary and innovative products, as well as a few more classical models in their Archivio collection.

Efi is one of them, and compared to the Duravit one it has softer lines and is less square and geometric.

It comprises a floor either back-to-wall or not and a suspended version for bidet and toilet. The latter can also have a high-level cistern, and there are some beautiful sinks with the option of a metal base and a pedestal.

Flaminia Efi collection - sink, toilet, bidet
Efi collection sink, toilet and bidet from one of our projects

Flaminia Evergreen

A line that includes a free-standing bathtub with claw feet as well as mixers and accessories such as soap, brushes and towel holders.

Flaminia Evergreen bathtub
Photo from www.flaminia.it

Aquaprestige Empire Collection

Aquaprestige is a Belgian brand specialising in classical-looking sanitaryware.

The Empire collection is the most art-deco one, with a few large sinks and both suspended and floor bidets and WCs (including one with a high-flushing reservoir). It also has a small hand rinser (45×38 cm) which is a product often missing in the other lines.

Aquaprestige Empire Collection
Photo from www.aquaprestige.be

Burlington Bathrooms Arcade Collection

Burlington Bathrooms is a British brand specialising in classical sanitaryware.

The Arcade collection is the most art-deco one, with clean and thick lines. It has a double sink which was very common in 1930s interiors.

Burlington Bathrooms Arcade Collection
Photos from www.burlingtonbathrooms.com

One way to make them look even more original is to choose the threehole version for sinks and bidets—adding, of course, a period tap to finish off the look.

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