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Francesca’s Picks: sanitaryware for turn-of-the-century period houses

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about the perfect sanitary ware for 1930s apartments or houses.

In Brussels however many houses date from the turn of the century: the last few years of 1800 and the beginning of the 1900. In fact, these are the years where the greatest urban expansion took place, especially in the new “suburbs” (back then), right outside the ramparts (the current mini ring).

If you are renovating a house of that era and want to create a bathroom that feels like it always belonged there, read on for some tips.

Aquaprestige Victorian & Belgravia Collection

Aquaprestige is a Belgian brand specialising in classical-looking sanitaryware.

The Victorian and Belgravia collections have a turn-of-the-century look with the functionality of contemporary sanitaryware.

I particularly like the sink with the higher border around the basin and the floral hand rinser, if you’re after something a bit more daring!

Aquaprestige Victorian & Belgravia Collection
Pictures from www.aquaprestige.be

Heritage Bathrooms Dorchester Collection

Heritage Bathrooms is a British brand specialising in classical sanitaryware.

The Dorchester collection has a romantic look that fits well in period bathrooms as well as with a country style.

There is a great choice of sinks, including some with furniture. Add some special features, like a period mirror or some panelling in the lower part of the wall, to recreate a traditional atmosphere.

Heritage Bathrooms Dorchester Collection
Pictures from www.heritagebathrooms.com

Burlington Bathrooms Edwardian Collection

Burlington Bathrooms is another British brand specialising in traditional bathrooms.

Their Edwardian collection of sinks has a turn-of-the-century look and comes in many widths and in two heights, which is always useful.

For the rest of the sanitaryware there is a wide selection of toilets and bidets and also of bathtubs, mostly in this style.

Burlington Bathrooms Edwardian Collection
Pictures from www.burlingtonbathrooms.com

Most of these products are available online.

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