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Francesca’s Picks: Three Beautiful Bins!

There are some objects in our home that we assume have to be ugly. One of these is the garbage bin, which is often associated with something dirty and not very nice to see.

Considering that nowadays we need at least four bins to sort out the garbage for recycling (organic, plastic, paper and non-recyclable) , it is clear that some bins will have to be visible as we cannot fit everything in the cabinet under the sink.

Luckily, these days there are lots of beautiful bins (pou-BELLES in French) that can make a great addition to your kitchen.

Brabantia New Icon (& FlatBack version)

This is a classic, almost iconic bin. It comes in different colours and sizes, and has a large opening as well as a soft closing feature.

If the cylindrical version takes up too much space for you, the flat back version has a triangular section that allows you to push the bin against a flat surface. This is ideal for optimising space in a smaller kitchen.

Brabantia Bo Touch and Pedal Bins

The Bo Touch and Pedal Bins are both beautiful and functional, and they come in different sizes and configurations to suit your needs. For example, there is a 60L with one bin, a 30+30 L with a partition to fit two different bags, and a 36L with two buckets—one holding 23 litres and one holding 11 litres. It also comes in many colour combinations to match your interior perfectly.

They fit perfectly against a wall (space-efficient) and are very stable. The touch version has a unique soft-touch closure that makes for easy and light operation at the touch of your hand.

Ikea Snäpp Pedal Bin

This is a cute little bin from Ikea which comes in different sizes (12L or 5L) and colours (white, dark grey and blue/green). It’s also really practical, as the internal bucket can be taken out and the bag can be hidden under the handle so that you don’t see the edges sticking out.

I hope you were inspired by these beautiful garbage bins!

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