Brussels home renovation by Standing Renovation, Francesca Puccio

HOME TOUR: You’ll just love this house

Brussels has such beautiful houses, including the one I’m going to show you here.  

Its features were already stunning: beautiful finishes, mouldings, and woodwork as well as generous spaces and volumes. Because it’s a three-façade house, its layout is different from the typical Brussels townhouse; a central staircase leads into the rooms, creating an interesting flow. 

However, a few of the spaces renovated by the previous owners felt outdated and completely non-aligned with the style of the house. The rooms were not being made the most of and all the finishes, colours and details needed to be rethought to bring out the full potential of the house.  

After a few months of renovation, the house has found its own beauty and style and fits much better with its owners’ tastes and lifestyle. Let me show you around…  

Our tour starts from the top floor, which was partially redesigned. The guest room was transformed into the daughter’s bedroom and connected to a mezzanine space. The challenge here was to create more light and make the ceiling look higher. Adding two Velux skylights, opening up part of the ceiling and changing the layout of the room resulted in a completely new space that feels so much brighter and cosier.  

The bathroom on this floor was too big and oh-so outdated. We changed its dimensions to add some space to the guest room next door and updated its style and layout to make it beautiful and practical.  The retro look that my client loved now feels like it always belonged here. 

The guest room gained enough space to allow for two beds and proper storage. It now feels welcoming and is also very functional.  

Going down to the first floorwe reach the grand landing that leads into to the different rooms. We renovated the walls, changed the floors to herringbone and re-varnished the doors, bringing out the beauty of the finishes. Then we added a dramatic pendant light that works as the key feature of this space whilst adding more light.  

A small room was transformed into a proper dressing room, with bespoke wardrobes that we designed to fit to the left and right of the fireplace. 

The master bedroom was redecorated with a traditional Farrow & Ball wallpaper, new curtains and  a new colour scheme.  All the surfaces were also renovated. 

The master bathroom was also completely renovated into a pleasant and elegant space with luxury features.  

The son’s bedroom was renovated and refurbished. Vanessa Bruffaert, who helps me with interior decoration, transformed the curtains into shades, reusing the fabric while giving it a more contemporary look. The grand pendant light from Modoluce suits the generous volume of this room, and its twin sister is in the master bedroom. 

Downstairs the entrance, living room, dining room and kitchen were renovated in their finishes. The walls were plastered and repainted and the floor was sanded and re-varnished, creating a fresh new look as soon as you enter the house.  

The entrance area had a marble tiled floor, which was not original and did not feel right. We replaced it with a new mosaic floor, similar to the type of flooring that was traditionally used in this kind of house The bathroom is the real jewel in the crown: with beautiful Farrow & Ball wallpaper, Lincrusta paper below and luxury finishes, it is a totally different space from what it used to be.  

In this house even the laundry room is now beautiful—take a look at the before and after.  

So, what did you think? Did you like this townhouse renovation? Are you dreaming of transforming your new house into a beautiful home? If so, take a look at our Outstanding Renovation service and book a call so that we can discuss your project in more detail.