how can you use pinterest for your home decoration

Pinterest is THE new kid on the block! I discovered it a few months ago and try to make it a habit to pin the pictures I like the most when I search for products or inspiration. I have created some categories that will help me know where to look at when in need of ideas. So my boards are “favourite bedrooms”, “favourite bathrooms”, “favourite colour schemes” and so on.

Funnily enough, I hadn’t realised that what comes out of the pinning is really an overview of my style! I know I like white but just by looking at the boards I learnt that I like a touch of pop colours here and there, that bright pink and turquoise are some of my favourites and that grey is the dramatic colour I like the most. I sort of knew all this, but never really SAW it so clearly!


If you have to renovate, decorate or furnish your house and you’re lost in the sea of endless possibilities, try the pinterest “exercise”. Pin all the pictures you see inspiring and then work backwards to see if there is any recurrent pattern, any colour that keep coming back, a particular style (nordic, country, etc) to which you are drawn. Then select the ones you like the most and create your personal styleboard that will guide in the many choices you have to make.

You can visit my pinterest page at and… happy pinning!