how light influences your colour choices

Since I live in Belgium I have started noticing the different sun light and how it influences our perception of the space and also our tastes in terms of colour choices for home interiors.

For example, I have started liking “weak” colours that I link to the North Sea: light blue, light grey and light green,  and all the variation of brown and beiges.  And they’re not the typical colours a typical Italian would like!

StandingRenovation Brussels_summer light 01


 Staircase 2 after

Picture above: Coastal Colours Scheme by Farrow & Ball and a similar coulour scheme for a staircase.

If the north light is crisp and vivid, the southern one is warm and sweet, with sharper contrasts like in this photo that I took in Crete recently.

StandingRenovation Brussels_summer light

Several clients of mine that come from southern countries miss the warmth and like to choose stronger colours such ochre, yellow or red, like in this home office below.

7Standing Renovation Office Makeover0007 (2)

If you’re not sure about how to combine colours or how to find a colour palette that puts together all the colours you like, have a look at the most common paint brands. They often have ready-made colours schemes that can help you choose. One of the most known is Colores del Mundo by Levis or the ones suggested by Farrow & Ball.


pictures from Levis and Farrow & Ball

What colours do you like? Have your style changed and being influenced by the country you live in?