how to choose the right light fixtures–how many and where?

Light is the final touch that can enhance or degrade even the best interiors. And lighting is a complex issue because it’s about:

  • how many lights you have and where/how they’re positioned,
  • what sort of bulb you choose (white, warm, etc) and its power,
  • what light fitting you choose.

Let’s see how you can tackle the first of these complex issues:

how many lights you have and where/how they’re positioned

If you live in the house already, you can add table or floor lights and create different atmospheres in every area.

If you’re renovating then you have the chance to design your whole lighting project. Unfortunately if you have no professional support, you’ll think about putting one ceiling lamp and a few wall ones but forget completely how a more complex lighting plan can improve your home. Think about wall lamps, spot, recessed lights, table lamps so that each area can have its proper lighting. Think about the atmosphere you want to create and about the quantity of light you need in certain places. I.e. I could not even think to cook without a strong light over the whole of my kitchen countertop.

Once you decide, the cabling will follow. Ideally you should have in mind the final light fitting to know the exact position of the cable. For example if you choose an upward wall light the cable will be higher than if you choose an abat-jour one.

lighting plan IMG_6558

Left An electricity plan

Right Cables and lights – all have to be planned in advance

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