how to choose the right lighting fixture

Light is the final touch that can enhance or degrade even the best interiors. And lighting is a complex issue because it’s about:

Let’s see how you can tackle the third of these complex issues:

what lighting fixture to choose

As mentioned, a certain light fitting will go with a certain bulb and that is a first criteria.

Secondly think about the style you like and the feeling you want to give. A metal light will give a completely different look than a fabric one where light filters through it. Beautiful lights exists in the most amazing shapes and materials, so many that the choice can be quite hard.

lighting fixture

light fixture luceplan flos-traxacum-88s_thumb[3]_thumb

Left A fabric light I saw recently

Center With its crystals Hope from luceplan is an innovative interpretation of traditional chandeliers

Right Taraxacum with its many bulbs from Flos

Third, think proportions: if you live in a maison de maître with high ceilings and big rooms a pendant lamp has to be VERY big, otherwise it will look lost and lonely. If on the other hand you live in an apartment with big volumes but low ceilings then you can put a big ceiling lamp (attached to the ceiling).



Left Ceiling lamps from Modoluce

Right Huge pendent light from modoluce

Fourth, think about having a certain coherence in your whole house. You don’t have to buy matching lamps but give the impression of having a fil-conducteur -a certain logic- that makes everything look coherent. The logic could also be “a mix of old and new” like in the pictures below.


old and new and recessed_thumb[2]_thumb

Left A mix of old and new lighting fixture and home features: Fiorella light in opalflex (a sort of plastic) from slamp

Right: Recessed light and old mouldings

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