how to choose the right lighting fixtures–what sort of bulb

Light is the final touch that can enhance or degrade even the best interiors. And lighting is a complex issue because it’s about:

  • how many lights you have and where/how they’re positioned,
  • what sort of bulb you choose (white, warm, etc) and its power,
  • what light fitting you choose.

Let’s see how you can tackle the second of these complex issues:

what sort of bulb you choose and its power

You don’t think about it until you see the difference: halogens, energy efficient, fluorescents, discharge, leds,… they all give different sort of lights even within the same typology. When choosing a light fitting it is important to pay attention to the sort of bulb it supports and possibly check what kind of light and how much power it creates.

If you can, think of putting dimmers so that light can be “dosed”.


Plumen bulbs– energy efficient and good-looking! Nud Classic, douille en porcelaine noire – SCP


bulbs from nud

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