How to host guests: smart sleeping solutions

Starting from May and during the summer, in the before children age – we used to pack and leave for city trips or bike-trips around Europe.

Now that leaving for three days still seems more tiring than beneficial (although this is changing now that my children are getting to a more reasoning age), we have become the “city trip destination” and receive visits of friends and family.

Hosting people, sometimes even for long periods, is a very common thing for expat families. It can be beautiful (finally some support from Granny!!) but can also feel intrusive if we’ve not set up our homes to allow both comfort and intimacy.

Here and in the next few blogs I will share some tips on how to make your guests feel “at home” while not feeling “invaded” in your own space. Much depends of course on the space available and on your personality!

If you don’t have an extra bedroom

You probably set up the guest room in the living room or in the home-office or you’re moving together other members of the family to make space for the guest.

If that’s the case, you have to plan in advance and buy “smart” furniture that can be used in flexible ways.

THE essential piece is a bed. This can be a regular sofa-bed, or, if you think more creatively, a day bed (for one guest) or some more “creative sofa-beds”. See the pictures for inspiration.

ligne roset

Balto by Arik Levyfrom for Ligne Roset where the sofa cover becomes the bed blanket

bu campeggi 1bu campeggi

BU from Campeggi – an armchair that can be transformed into a single bed (Picture from


Another creative solution from Italian brand Campeggi: “santapouf” a foldable and inflatable pouf that becomes an extra mattress (above) by Italian designer Denis Santachiara or “seat, talk and dream” (below) a bench, table and bed by French Designer Matali Crasset. (picture from


chama lago 809 807

CHAMA : a futon bed by Mi Jin Park & Lagostudio that exists in the double or single version (picture from Not very good for grandparents, but why not for younger brothers and sisters !



From sofa to bulk bed: DOUBLE by Ditre Italia: have you ever seen anything like this? I find this amazing! (picture from