In between the before & after

One of my favourite things at the end of a project is to have a look at the “before” pictures and compare them with the “after” ones. It’s easy to forget what the situation was at the beginning and acknowledging the transformation is one of the most rewarding things of my work.

At the beginning I usually suggest more than one layout solution and it’s fun to look back at the different options and see which idea was picked and how it was developed.

Here’s a bathroom example.

In the in initial situation the space felt like a corridor despite the room being a good size.
Therefore I suggested a few different layouts that would make the space feel bigger and work better.

Here are some options that I suggested which we discussed and tweaked until we arrived at the final solution to implement.

My client’s idea was to have a “white and pure” look and feel so we suggested a few options of tiles and sanitary accessories that were subsequently refined to arrive at the final choice.

These included white tiles and sanitary from Villeroy & Boch, taps from Grohe, and furniture from Archeda. We also used a glass panel to finish the bathtub and the long shelf behind the sink.

Some of these supplies were suggested by me, and some we selected by visiting a showroom.

We were then ready to draw the detailed design plans that give clear instructions to the builder and to leave no space for interpretation.

With these instructions and the supplies delivered, we started the works. As usual, we had some surprises, for example, the radiator pipes could not be modified and remained apparent (so we boxed them) but finally the bathroom came out like it was imagined.

Here is the final result: pure and white as my client wished and with a completely new feeling! I’d love to hear what you think: write down your comments.