Introducing Frigerio Salotti

More and more clients are asking me to help them furnish their home as well as renovate/design it, and with good reason. It’s a really smart idea to plan the project with the knowledge of how the space will look when it’s all finished, so that everything can be designed accordingly.

For a few years now I have been searching for furniture suppliers with high quality products. A lot of my favourites are of course Italian, combining elegance, design and quality.

I recently added Frigerio Salotti to my list of direct suppliers. Frigerio is a family-owned business based just outside Milan that produces high-quality upholstery (and some complements, too) with all the rigour of handmade Italian craftsmanship.

In July I was lucky enough to visit Frigerio’s factory, which is housed in a beautifully designed building. I was shown where all the upholstery is created; in the same room, the tailors are sewing the fabric and the artisans are preparing the wooden structure that will be hidden in the sofa.

Frigerio is currently testing new and more durable materials in anticipation of future trends. The result is a stunning collection that integrates modern design with classical elements.

Frigerio Salotti factory in Italy
A photo of the the beautiful building where Frigerio’s headquarters are located.
Handmade furniture by Frigerio Salotti
Handmade wooden structures for armchairs, sofas and chairs.
Taylor sofa by Frigerio Salotti
Taylor junior sofa by Frigerio Salotti

The Taylor sofa with a built in coffee table (optional) and the Taylor junior. Pictures from

David sofa by Frigerio Salotti

The elegant Davis sofa, which has a back cushion that can be raised or lowered to suit your preferences. Picture from

Kimono sofa by Frigerio Salotti
Kimono sofa by Frigerio Salotti

The Kimono, with buttons to fold the fabric and lots of pillows to create a cosy, relaxed look. Pictures from

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