Meet Hana & Eva: innovating dentistry with style!

I met Hana and Eva (MUDr. et MDDr. Eva & Hana Luskačovy) through a business coaching program we were all attending, and from the first moment we met it felt like we had known each other forever.

Hana and Eva come from a family of doctors and both graduated in Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Prague. After working in London for six years, they came back to their home country, settled in Brno (the second-largest city in the Czech Republic) and opened their own clinic called DUO SMILE Dental Care.

Hana and Eva are not your average dentists! When you visit their clinic, you are welcomed and made to feel special. The staff are friendly and stylish, and the space is cozy and very well decorated.

Duosmile founders, Hana and Eva

The sisters believe in a holistic approach to health, and they have recently added a spa area for patients to experience other treatments that go beyond pure dentistry. For example they offer NuCalm sessions, NuCalm being the world’s first and only patented technology for interrupting stress at the midbrain and guiding brain and body function to parasympathetic nervous system dominance.

Duosmile NuCalm session

A few months ago, when the spa was still a series of empty rooms, Hana and Eva asked me to help them design and decorate this space. We started a “virtual” project (I have never been to the clinic): I was responsible for the design and detailed instructions, and Hana and Eva executed my plans with a team of local workmen.

Duosmile renovation process
Duosmile renovation

It started with a conversation in a very loud Paris restaurant and ended up with a soothing space in Brno!

We met again in March and approved the wallpaper!

But let’s hear it from Hana and Eva themselves…

So, what was your starting point ?

An outdated, dark, poorly organised area with no sparkle and old furniture.

What’s your style?

Swedish, natural look, stylish, wood and glass.

What were you dreaming to achieve?

A place where people are going to be aware of each of their senses and feel comfortable and at ease.

What was the biggest challenge to achieve it?

There was no challenge for us, but maybe for Francesca! She had to fit all the drawers required into a small space. And yes, I‘ve just realised – a logo symbol – which will come on our wall, we decided to do it from metal and will put in on the wall later.

What are you most proud of?

That every single person who’s been in the room absolutely loves it!
We’ve heard many times, “Wow, I haven’t been in a nicer dental office before!” which warms our heart! We’re so proud of Francesca and what she achieved here.

Duosmile Brno

What’s your favourite spot?

Everywhere 🙂
We really love the corner with the “unusual” sink next to the beautiful wallpaper. We love to sit there when we record our educational / inspirational videos for our DUO SMILE guests. 


Any “crazy decision” you now fully enjoy?

Going for a pink wall!

Would you have done anything differently?

No, we love  it!

What’s the best advice you received?

All of it! But in particular, we really valued Francesca’s advice about furniture and accessories. She has got such a good eye, and she just reads you so well that she can tell what you love. We were so impressed! 

Also, Francesca arranges all the stuff together nicely so that everything works in harmony.

For instance, I would never have thought of buying two lamps and putting them at different heights next to each other. We did as she suggested, and it looks gorgeous!


What do your patients say?

They love  it!
They say they don’t feel like they are at the dentist.

I guess they enjoy the “non-sterile” look, and when we tell them the floor is not wood but vinyl (cheaper, lower maintenance, waterproof) they are in awe.


Describe your new spa area in one sentence.

A cozy space that captures all of your senses. 
(beautiful look and touch, aromatherapy lamps, dim light, herbal tea and ambient / healing frequencies music)


What advice would you give to someone who is in a similar situation?

We weren’t at the stage to invest in a completely new reconstruction, but then we thought “let’s do it properly, from the beginning.” When you do one thing, another will follow, so we got a loan that we repay monthly.

Best decision ever! We saved money for a potential part-renovation  of the old room, since it would have needed work anyway. Our guests love it and “the new atypical design”, and recommend our surgery to their family and friends. The new-look DUO SMILE Spa is great marketing.

What did you enjoy most about working with Francesca @ Standing Renovation?

Everything, but we were particularly impressed with how well she captured our thoughts and dreams of the “future” place, and our personalities and vibe. As a matter of fact, the room is kind of reflection of both of us!

We talked to her for about 20 minutes in a loud French restaurant at 10pm at night and hardly could hear each other. Also, being twins, we were talking over each other with our ideas and visions 🙂

Francesca must have listened very carefully, because her very first “draft” that we received a few days after our discussion was spot on!


If you’re thinking about improving your home or space, take a look at our services or drop us a line at info@standingrenovation.com and we’ll be in touch.