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I like taking good resolutions at the beginning of the year. But this year a friend suggested to also make a list of what to let go of. Another one suggested that resolutions are often only good intentions that are just forgotten a few days later and that to really make things change you need to visualise and “feel” what you want your future to be.

Why not do the exercise on your home as well? It’s probably much easier than with your life Smile!

So, first of all decide of the things you want to let go. We all clutter up our homes, keeping things we soon forget about and ending up living in spaces that are too “full”, too disturbing. I am particularly sensitive to disorder and clutter and need to have a “visually clean” space in order to work well. So the first thing I do in the morning is to spend a few minutes to put everything back in order and clear my view.


Clearing clutter requires decisive actions and a bit of courage too as we all get used to our stuff and we all think we might need it someday. I once read that if we hang on to too much irrelevant stuff from the past, it means that we’re not fully committed to the way we live now. But only when we’re committed to our current vision we can really fly and live a meaningful life! So, find the time and let new energy flow into your house by getting rid of useless things.


As for the future, it is quite easy to visualise how you’d like your home to look and feel. If you can’t, get inspirations from magazines and cut off the pictures that convey an atmosphere that you like. Then try to see what elements are creating that feeling. Is it the lighting, is it the fabric, is it the colours? Sometimes a small thing can change completely the perception of a space. So, if you like a specific colour, change the textiles (the pillow covers, the bed spread, the curtains, etc) or if you dare, paint a wall in a different colour. If it’s the lighting, consider investing in one or more truly beautiful lamp. I always say to my clients that a cheap lamp can be spotted immediately and that they will probably regret having spent the (little) money. A beautiful light stands out and becomes such an important element that the money spent will immediately be forgotten.

So these are your assignments: de-clutter and pick one element that you want to change and change it with something more beautiful!

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