New year resolutions for your home

At this time of year, I look back at the past year and set my goals and intentions for the new one.

I set goals in different areas of my life: a big chunk is, of course, for my business and what I want to accomplish and improve in order to serve more people and in a better way. Then I have my personal goals, and one of those is to see myself as a creator of “magic moments” (I heard of this concept at a Tony Robbins’ seminar) for my loved ones. 

Magic moments include experiences that are linked to specific places, demonstrating the importance of our environment and surroundings.

If there are areas of your home that you’re not happy with and that prevent you from fully enjoying your space with your friends and family , make a list of what bothers your most and write down what just isn’t working.  There are usually a few easy changes that can be implemented quite simply and rapidly.

These are the most common complaints that I hear when I help a client during a Refresh Your Home consultation.

1. The room feels “cold”

One of the most obvious reasons can be the sources of light. Are there enough? Are they distributed in such a way to allow you to create different atmospheres according to what you’re doing?

Sometimes adding a floor light or a table light can completely change the feeling of a place.

Sometimes even just changing the bulb or the quantities of bulbs can make a huge difference, from poorly lit to bright and cozy. 

So much Choice!

There are many degrees of “warmth” of bulbs and I always prefer the ones turning to yellow (except under a kitchen counter, where you can have a white light) that now exist in LED models too.

“Cold light” for a kitchen counter

Another great tip is to buy a lamp with a dimmer, or to ask an electrician to install a dimmer where you have a simple switch.  Being able to control the light is key to creating the right atmosphere for every moment.

Another reason is often the colour scheme and the combination of materials. I see a lot of houses that have a combination of cold colours and materials. For example, white walls and grey tiles on the floor can look cold if you don’t add something that brings a touch of warmth.

Personally, I like to have some wooden elements in the floor or the furniture to create that sense of warmth. If this is not possible, think of fabrics (carpets, curtains, furniture, etc.) and how they can be used to counteract the cold feeling. 

If you’re feeling brave, paint a wall in a colour you like or add wallpaper.

Make it a simple thing that you can implement quickly and then evaluate the result, adding more if necessary.

Changing a wall colour and adding some colored coffee table and the whole room looks different

Your room is a mess!

I know—this isn’t easy. 

Try to think about the reason behind the mess… is it simply because of lack of proper storage? Is it lack of space? Is it because you never have the time to go through all the stuff and figure out what to keep and what to let go? Is it because there are no clear rules about what goes where and who does what? Or maybe there are rules, but you’re the only one implementing them?

Once you know the reason, you can work out a solution and get your family involved as well if necessary.

A great support to guide you through this process is Marie Kondo’s[add link to]. bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

In a nutshell, she talks about keeping what “sparks joy” and giving or throwing away what doesn’t. With this idea in mind, it’s easier to make a selection.  What Marie Kondo also teaches is a way of folding and storing clothes in a way that “respects” them and transform your closets and drawers into small works of art, making them beautiful.  This will come in handy for folding clothes and, as I discovered, reducing the volume they occupy. This folding method actually allows you to store more, in less space.

Your room is unfinished  

In my home, the stairway to the cellar and the laundry room had not been renovated like the rest of the house. It was clean, but rather sad-looking in my opinion. I know that you probably don’t associate magic moments with a laundry/utility room, but this was a project that I added to my yearly goals under that category. I don’t particularly like doing the laundry, but using a nicer-looking space has made the experience more enjoyable for sure!

Another laundry which was renovated

In my case, it was a just matter of painting the walls and changing a few pieces of furniture. In a week or so, I had my new space.

If there is a room that for some reason feels (or is) unfinished, write down what is missing, make a plan and get started—alone or with someone else’s help. It will require some disruption, but once it’s done you’ll soon forget the dust and be able to enjoy your new space. If you feel you cannot do it alone and need help understanding what doesn’t work and how to change it, you can contact us to book a Refresh Your Home consultation .  It could be as simple as a two-hour appointment to get some advice, or we can take care of everything and transform the space for you. Click HERE to fill in a quick questionnaire and get in touch.