Refresh Your Home: a contemporary apartment transformation

You probably know someone who has moved into a new apartment or house but hasn’t managed to feel at “home” in their new place.

This was the case with one of my clients.

It wasn’t even a question of renovation, as the two-bedroom apartment he had just bought was in luxurious new building with a gorgeous view of the spires of Brussels Grand Place Town Hall.

The problem was that, everything seemed a bit impersonal and cold, and his existing furniture didn’t really fit the new space.

Before and after
Before and after

The wardrobe was too big, and he needed a bookcase, a better sofa, smaller pieces of furniture (coffee tables, night tables) and a bespoke solution for an awkward space in the entrance.

He had also had moved in the apartment without having painted the walls (they were just plastered) and without really thinking about any lighting solutions.

The apartment was beautiful and had a lot of potential, but it lacked that “homely” feeling.

That’s where we come in. Our “Refresh Your Home” service is designed for these exact situations, and a few weeks of light renovation works with the right furnishing really turned the place around!

Before and after
Before and after

We painted all the walls using a subtle mix of neutrals, with the exception of the wall behind the sofa which was painted in a daring dark grey.

In the entrance we added bespoke furniture that fit into the awkward niche and chose a ton-sur-ton palette so that it became one with the walls. We also added recessed spotlights to redistribute the light more harmoniously.

In the bedroom we designed a wardrobe with a bookshelf on the side to make the transition to the room smoother (previously you entered the room and immediately saw the side of the big wardrobe). Siloma, our Italian supplier of wardrobes, bookcases etc., allows us to customise the standard modules. This means that we take the existing modules and combine them to create a bespoke solution, which is of course more affordable than creating a made-to-measure item from scratch.

We also added the bedside table and the light fixtures in the bedroom.

Throughout the apartment we played with white lights, mostly from Astro Lighting, creating coherence among the different rooms.

In the second bedroom we added a bespoke Siloma bookshelf with open and closed shelves, which fitted perfectly behind the door and allowed the space for a desk.

In the living room and kitchen we worked on a colour scheme with darker colours and added a new sofa, two colourful coffee tables and a new dining table. We also chose lighting fixtures that would illuminate the different areas independently.

In the bathrooms we simply repainted the walls, repositioned a few elements (the mirror was installed way too low!) and added proper lighting.

Before and after
Before and after
During the renovation

After a few weeks the apartment felt completely different!

Oh, and my client used the redecorating as an opportunity to go for a long trip abroad during the projects!

He returned, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, to a beautiful homely apartment with none of the added stress.

My idea is to inspire better living through an interior that fits your taste and lifestyle. If you are thinking about renovating or transforming your interiors, visit our website, select the service that best reflect your needs and fill in the questionnaire to tell us about your project. We’ll be in touch.