Refresh your home

So you like your home, but you don’t really love it?

The basics are there, but what’s missing are those little details to transform the space into a welcoming, cosy place that really feels like home; the only problem is that you don’t really know how to create that atmosphere.

You probably just need a few new pieces of furniture, some textiles, better lighting solutions and some improvements here and there. These new elements also need to go with what you already have, creating a coherent ensemble that reflects your style. This isn´t as easy as it seems, and you might end up feeling stuck!

Does this sound like you?

If so, the Refresh Your Home Service can help.

We´ll start with a consultation in your home to figure out what bothers you and what you’re trying to achieve. Then we’ll come up with a project that will include a few new elements (furniture, lights, accessories, textiles) and maybe some minor work (painting, wallpaper, minor electricity work, etc.). We’ll discuss it all together, using plans and renderings so that you can see it all as if it were real, tweak it and get it just right. Then we´ll organise the work and the installations to make it come to life.

Do you want to see how it works? Check this case study.

You´ll be excited to see the transformation and fall in love with your home again!


To check if we are a great fit for you, and allow us to schedule a complimentary call, please visit our contact page.

Note: this service is available starting from a minimum of 25.000 euro of  works and furniture supplied by our direct partners. The renovation works only include decoration works, such as painting or sanding the floors.

Please refer to our Outstanding Renovation Service if you are looking for a renovation that includes works such as bathroom renovation, electricity and plumbing, etc.