Everybody, including me, has started with Ikea. After all a lot of us have arrived to Brussels without really knowing how long they were going to stay, and Ikea was the perfect solution for a temporary accommodation.

But after a certain age (I speak for myself!) and once you’ve bought a home where you plan to stay for a while, it makes sense to buy good quality furniture. Furniture that you love and know will pass the test of time.

That is why since a few years I collaborate with a few suppliers (mostly Italian) and I am able to design and supply all sort of furniture for my clients, both for big renovation projects and for redecoration ones. 

We design and choose the furniture as part of the overall project so that it fits into the interior style we’ve agreed. At the end of the renovation my clients can walk into a fully finished house and enjoy it from day one.

Here are some of wardrobes we designed and supplied.

I selected a few examples of difficult spaces to show how it is possible to still fit a good and beautiful wardrobe.

Slanted ceiling

This apartment we fully renovated had all the bedrooms with a slanted ceiling.

To maximize storage we designed a wardrobe that would use all the available wall, with doors following the slope of the ceiling.

This wardrobe had the standard modules that are available from my supplier Siloma but we combined them in such a way to fill the wall and I supplied the measures for cutting the doors according to the slope.

Therefore it is not a fully custom made but a sort of in-between solution that is more affordable. 

A niche with strange dimensions

This entrance hall had a niche next to the door but its dimensions were not the standard ones. The depth was not enough and the width was also a strange dimension.

We found a module that would fit almost perfectly both in width and in height and added a side panel for the visible part.

To mask the irregularity of the space, walls and wardrobe have the same colour and the wardrobe “disappears”.

Door opening up to wardrobe

During the renovations I often redesign the rooms and move the door to allow space for the wardrobe behind the door.

This, however, was not possible in this example. I don’t like facing the side of the wardrobe so I suggested one that has a bookcase on the side.

Photo from

We also added a matching bed side table.

Children wardrobe at accessible height

In this case, my client wanted to have a piece of furniture which would serve both as wardrobe and as a bookcase/toys storage and would be easily accessible by a child.
The child chose the colours and we created a composition that used all the space under the slanted roof.

The perfect scenario…almost

The perfect scenario is when you have a full available wall behind a door or between two walls with a big enough depth to fit a wardrobe.

Here we almost had it …except that the beautiful internal stained glass window was in the way. We chose then to have a slightly narrower wardrobe to leave the window visible and still have enough storage space.

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