Kitchen - Francesca Puccio Standing Renovation

Renovated and furnished? Why not! –Kitchen, Living and dining rooms

One of the common problems most of my clients have is that they often don’t know where to go to shop for furniture. 

Everybody, including me, has started with Ikea. After all a lot of us have arrived to Brussels without really knowing how long they were going to stay, and Ikea was the perfect solution for a temporary accommodation.

But after a certain age (I speak for myself!) and once you’ve bought a home where you plan to stay for a while, it makes sense to buy good quality furniture. Furniture that you love and know will pass the test of time.

That is why since a few years I collaborate with a few suppliers (mostly Italian) and I am able to design and supply all sort of furniture for my clients, both for big renovation projects and for redecoration ones. 

We design and choose the furniture as part of the overall project so that it fits into the interior style we’ve agreed. At the end of the renovation my clients can walk into a fully finished house and enjoy it from day one.

Here are some examples for the living areas.


In 95% of my renovations, the kitchen is one of the areas that have to be changed. According to me, it is one of the most important rooms of the house because it has to be both practical and beautiful. After all, that’s where we all gather to cook, eat and spend time with each other.

I work with Comprex for high range kitchens and Febal for mid to high range ones. These suppliers have a vast range of style and we were able to design both contemporary and more classic compositions. 

When working on a whole renovation project by the time we get to the kitchen I will have understood your style and habits and will be able to suggest a project that will be coherent with your lifestyle and with the home we’re designing.

Sofas & armchairs

Sofas are the first defining touch of living room. They have to be proportionate with the space and have a layout or composition that allows a good flow.  I work mostly with a showroom in Antwerp. It gives the possibility to my clients to see and sit on the sofas. We do the visit together so that I can help them choose the fabric and be sure that the dimensions of the sofa are correct.

Dining table and chairs

Siloma and Febal have a great variety of furniture for the dining and living area. These are my main suppliers for this kind of furniture.

For beautiful chairs I work with Rossin, which combines comfort with very interesting design.

Bookcases and Living Room furniture

Here are some examples of bookcases that were either designed using my suppliers (Siloma and Febal mostly) modules or custom made from my drawings. If you think we could be a right fit for your upcoming project you can learn more about our services, and book a complimentary call by clicking here.