The Outstanding Renovation


You’re about to buy a house that needs renovation. You’re already imagining your beautiful new home, but you want support: from ideas to hiring contractors. After all, renovations can be tough!

For you, support means more than just a set of plans and some recommendations for the contractors.  You’re looking for guidance from initial concepts to hiring and managing the building team, so that you make the right decisions with no regrets.

You want someone who cares about your home as much as you do. Someone who is calm, competent and creative.

That’s what Standing Renovation delivers – technical expertise with artistic flair, empathy, and proven project management skills.

I will:

  • Listen to your needs, requirements, wishes and dreams.
  • Provide design alternatives to choose from.
  • Make initial cost estimations if required.
  • Design detailed plans and specifications.
  • Make drawings and plans understandable to everyone involved.
  • Simplify the choice of fixtures and finishes suggesting what fits your style.
  • Bring in a team of trusted contractors and suppliers.
  • Get precise price offers, based on our detailed plans and specifications.
  • Follow up with suppliers, orders, change requests, etc.
  • Create a consistent style suggesting colours, finishes, and providing furniture, lighting fixtures and textiles, through my network of preferred suppliers and decorators.
  • Ultimately, create a home that suits you perfectly, improves your life and makes your heart skip with joy whenever you step in.

Throughout the process, I’m your guide and project manager: providing support and freeing you from the time-consuming details and stress. I supervise the works and troubleshoot issues. Surprises are part of renovations, but when the unexpected happens I and my team will be there to find a solution.

I believe in collaboration and teamwork. That’s why I work with amazing support staff and contractors who not only deliver high quality results, but are honest, kind and fun. I recognise the value of having a good atmosphere on site, and we work in a spirit of openness. Everyone feels part of the team!

And I keep in touch afterwards to make sure you’re happy in your new home.


To check if we are a great fit for you, and allow us to schedule a complimentary call, please visit our contact page.

Note: this service is available for renovations starting from a minimum of 100.000 euro of works and furniture by our direct partners.