simple home improvement ideas to start your year

Here we are in 2013! Pantone selected “Emerald” as the colour of the year, “A colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony”

“Renewing, Inspiring, Luminous, Balanced, Harmonious, …” This is how I wish your 2013 to be.

The new year comes with good intentions and resolutions and I believe that spending some time in improving your home can have a great benefit on your well-being.

Lately I have been more and more intrigued by how the space that surrounds us influences the way we feel and act. For example, research has demonstrated how the space we work in can deeply affect the way we feel, the way we and other perceive ourselves, our productivity and motivation. And when you read the adjectives of the colour of the year, it is funny how they can apply very well to interiors as well.

So why not start the new year implementing a few simple home improvement ideas that can also improve the way you and your family feel?

Most of the times, simple changes in layout or furniture can work wonders.

The room in the picture below was the home-office of one of my clients. It was a small space with indirect light, but of a perfect size and perfectly located in her apartment.  She knew she needed to organise the space differently but didn’t know where to start nor what to do.

Simple Home Improvement Ideas Standing Renovation Brussels (6)

She called me for a Consultation and we looked at the rest of the apartment and decided to move the big bookcase in the study, freeing up the wall. We re-shuffled things around and concentrated on creating a more inspiring space for her office.  Instead of open shelves, I suggested using low cabinets with doors which would hide all the documents and “mess”. She had a big painting on the floor, waiting to find a wall and we decided it would look perfectly on the now empty wall. This painting had a few touches of the same red we find on the wall and my client said she found it so inspiring.So it was perfect. She now has a visually clean and inspiring view to look at when she’s working.

Simple Home Improvement Ideas Standing Renovation Brussels (5)

We added some personal and feminine touches on the desk to make it even more inspiring. She now has a space that corresponds much better to what she wants and where she can concentrate and focus.

As she wrote: “I feel so much better that I’m sure I’ll produce truly brilliant work in my office!”

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I like to break down the home improvement ideas in a few simple and actionable steps so that my clients can easily implement them without feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes photomontages make things easy to understand and imagine.

Simple Home Improvement Ideas Standing Renovation Brussels (1)

Simple Home Improvement Ideas Standing Renovation Brussels (2)

Simple Home Improvement Ideas Standing Renovation Brussels (4) Simple Home Improvement Ideas Standing Renovation Brussels (3)

If you want your year and your interiors to be renewing, inspiring, luminous, balanced, harmonious, classically elegant, radiant, … then a In Home Consultation can give you simple, actionable home improvement ideas to transform your home.  Contact for more information.