handcrafted christmas decoration thread

So much more than a Christmas decoration

This Christmas, my son’s class handcrafted beautiful Christmas decorations.

They had to paint a board and then use (for the very first time—they are only 11 years old!) nails and a hammer to create a drawing, running a wool thread from one nail to the next.

I found it very interesting because I was used to receiving much simpler things. The teacher explained to me that she was hesitant about the hammer, but then found a safe way to use it and gave it a go.

Why is all this so important?

Handcrafted Christmas decoration

Because to me it represents a lot of important and interesting concepts.

First of all, there is the teacher’s courage to dare to try something slightly out of the ordinary, empowering kids to do something that is risky but safe at the same time!

Secondly, I think it is a very beautiful and stylish piece of art 😊

Lastly, and most importantly, I am so glad that my son has this teacher because she is teaching him a lot of values that are very dear to my heart.

She’s encouraging him to take pride in his work, to work with care and precision, and to make sure he has fun, too.

She’s rewarding creativity and each child’s contribution, and she’s pushing the kids slightly outside their comfort zones so that they can prove to themselves that they’re capable of much more than they think.

She is also facilitating great team work and collaboration, with each kid contributing to something bigger than themselves. She praises the good in each child and encourages them to share it for the benefit of the whole class.

This is the approach I try to apply in my work and in my everyday life.

I want to make life beautiful for others and help people to create homes where they can be truly happy.

This is my wish to you if we decide to work together.

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas break,