still on the virtues of grey

If you read last week’s post you know that I am fascinated by grey. If probably the majority of people find it a cold colour, I must say I find it warm if used wisely.

In the example below, a meeting room had to be slightly changed to make it a nicer place to work into. The two niches in the wall had no depth and the result was that this room felt dull and with no character. We decided to add a bold colour on the back wall and add white glossy furniture in the niches to add storage. The result is that the room acquires depth and elegance.

Since the colour palette was composed of orange, lime green and grey, this latter has a touch of yellow and red in it to make it more congruent.



A similar situation applied to the loo, where the artificial light and the white walls just made it look very “sad”. This was an office toilet so visitors and clients used it as well! And a “sad” look is the last of impression you want to give to your clients! With a bit of grey paint and a few accessories, the makeover was completed. The toilet is now stylish and classy and not at all “sad”!

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