surprise your home with yellow mustard

Tangerine Tango is supposed to be the colour of the year but I was struck in the Milan Design Week by the recurrence of yellow. Not the bright yellow we immediately associate with the colour. Rather it was a mustardy, sometimes greenish yellow. Not the chartreuse, which is a mix of yellow and green, but something similar.

I am not a fan of this colour but I loved how, paired with the right hues, it is quirky and bold yet fashionable and refreshing!


If you pay attention to the pictures, the yellow is always very well dosed and coupled with neutral colours. Often it is my beloved dark grey, otherwise white or light grey.

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Too much yellow would be overwhelming but small touches within the dark grey and the white add a pop note to the space.


Note how the floors and walls have the same colour palette. I was just thinking to add some accessories for my home but realized that our old pine wooden board floor would totally clash with the mustard yellow. So, if like me, you’re fascinated by this colour, be careful of the context you want to put it in.

See it below declined in all its forms. From bookshelf (upside down! by Lago), to bed linen, from accessories to sofas and armchairs.

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If you see the sofa here above, pay attention at how interesting it becomes with the yellow pillow. Imagine the same sofa without and how it becomes “dull” .

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As a funny last note… I realised my business cards have the same yellow shade, paired with the dark grey and white! I remember being sceptical when I first saw the colour but then liked what I found an unusual combination of colours. I liked it because it was both elegant/professional (the dark grey) and fun/unexpected (the yellow). Good to know that I was in vogue a year ahead of time!