Clizia by Slamp Milan Design Week 2019

Three portable lights from Milan Design Week 2019

What if you would like to add a lamp to create a cosy corner but you realise you have no plug nearby? This is a common problem if you live in a house where the electrical installation has not been designed carefully.

Well, when I was in Milan I spotted a few portable lamps that I thought were ingenious!

These lamps either don’t need a source of electricity nearby or they don’t need it at all, creating clever solutions for tricky spaces. What’s even better is that they are not only practical, they are also very beautiful.

Here they are:

Clizia by Slamp

Clizia is one of my favourite lamps from Slamp, an Italian brand that makes creative, innovative lamps. I had seen the ceiling and suspension version before but discovered the portable table light at the fair.

It has no cable, turns on with a small switch at the base of the lamp and has an LED light that lasts for several hours. It can be recharged using a USB port, is relatively light (2kg) and creates a soft, warm glow.

Clizia by Slamp – Milan Design Week 2019

Lafleur by Slamp

A delicate lamp designed by Marc Sadler. Its “petals” are created by hand-moulding Lentiflex® (a patented plastic material developed by Slamp) when warm and then letting it dry. The lamp is battery powered and rechargeable and has a magnetica base that can be attached to a metal shelf.

Lafleur by Slamp – Milan Design Week 2019

Bellhop by Flos

An elegant, timeless table light in polycarbonate that is battery powered and rechargeable with a USB plug. It is designed by the British duo Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, and even has a dimming function.

Bellhop by Flos – Milan Design Week 2019 / Photo credit:

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