Tips: Dare to go dark


I bet that with the days getting darker and greyer you’re longing to spend more time at home, resting and enjoying staying in.  

I think of the winter months and in my mind I see a cosy and welcoming interior, warmed up by colours and lights.  

Does your home create that atmosphere? Or does it feel colder, less cosy and welcoming than you would like? 

Lights and colours can make a huge difference in creating the atmosphere you long for, transforming your space into what really feels like home. 

Here are some examples and tips on decorating with colours.  

Dare to go darker 

You might be afraid of darker colours. This is quite understandable, since in northern countries we crave light.  

However, you can dare to go darker in a few rooms.  

The master bedroom can be one, as you don’t usually spend a lot of time here aside from when you are sleeping. If the room is dark because it doesn’t have a lot of light (for example, if it is in the centre of the “trois piece en enfilade” in Belgian houses) then you have even more reason to paint it a darker colour. It might seem counter-intuitive, but in fact trying to go against its nature would result in the space feeling dull and uninteresting.  

This room is in the central space of the house, its window being a little far out. It is in a typical “trois piece en enfilade” Brussels townhouse that we fully renovated. 

renovation by Francesca Puccio, Uccle

You can see the change when using a darker palette and adding a darker wall paper. Read more about this room here. 

The next bedroom is from another townhouse renovation in Brussels. It has a lot of natural light but we decided to use a darker colour (Dove Tale by Farrow & Ball) and have a ton-sur-ton colour scheme. The wardrobe is in fact the same colour of the wall and loses itself in the space. The result is a very soothing and relaxing space that is lightened up simply by using some colourful accessories with hints of red (the carpet, the cushions, the bedspread). 

Set the scene  

How do you feel when you get home after a long day?  

Does your hallway welcomes you and makes you feel proud of your home? Or does it just feel like a transitional space you want to move away from? 

Hallways set the scene for how your home welcomes you. Again you can be daring, using colour and going dark.  

You never really spend time in a hallway, so you can make it a bit dramatic and interesting.  

What will happen by using a darker colour here is that all the other rooms will appear brighter and bigger by contrast.  

A cosy living room  

If your living room is white by default, you can use colour to create a completely different atmosphere.  

This living room, in a beautiful 1920s maison de maître in Brussels, was dull and uninviting, with dark woodwork against white walls. To make it more contemporary and warm, we painted everything in the same colour—not too dark, but warm and interesting enough to create an atmosphere. This is also a central and darker room, but the colour brings out its warmth.  


This is how the room looked like before, when the wooden work was dark and the walls painted in cream. 

 And this is another living room where we added a dark wall paper and created a feature wall.  



If you think it’s time to give your home a new look without major work being done, have a look at the Refresh Your Home service and get in touch with us.