What colour reminds you of home?

Since living in Belgium I have started noticing the difference in sunlight and how it influences our perception of space and also our tastes, in terms of colour choices for home interiors.

For example, I became a fan of greys, as you can see in these pictures from my projects!


If the northern light is crisp and vivid, the southern one is warm and sweet, with sharper contrasts like in this photo that I took recently in Italy.

Several clients of mine that come from southern countries miss the warmth and like to choose stronger colours such ochre, yellow or red. Some others have shifted their tastes and adapted to the more neutral tones.



Or perhaps something in between grey and vivid colours, like this kitchen in a Brussels townhouse renovation:



Changing the colour scheme of your walls is the easiest and fastest way to get a complete new interior look.

If you’re planning to repaint, think about the option of changing your colour scheme. If you need help, you can contact me for either a “refresh your home” consultation, or for a broader service just in case you need to design and coordinate more works. Click here to get in contact with us.