why not bringing true art in your home?

A few days ago we visited an art exhibition here in Brussels: Le case danzanti (the dancing houses) by Matteo Boato. We went there with the kids as well and they really enjoyed going out “at night” (it was 7.30 pm!) and having some drinks at the vernissage!

Here they are with their glasses of water!


I was particularly intrigued by the painter: he’s an Italian Civil Engineer (like me), born in the 1970s (like me), from the Trentino region (like me) and has two young children (like me). After a few years of “normal” professional life, he decided to become an artist for a living. THIS IS TRUE COURAGE!

Matteo’s work really touched me. Maybe because he pictures houses and cities in his paintings and I am particularly fascinated and attracted by both. The way they’re painted creates a fine line between a figurative and an abstract painting and I really liked this effect. I also loved the bold use of colour and of the paint in all its thickness!

From a pure decorative perspective, I liked how some of his artwork could be hung in groups of two, creating a sort of new entity. I also liked the colour palette.



Milano 2011 olio su tela  picture from http://www.matteoboato.net/galleriaLeCaseDanzanti.htm

Whatever the style, be it classical or contemporary, having one or more artworks displayed in your home can completely change the atmosphere of your interiors. A real painting (as opposed to a reproduction) is to me like a living entity! It is something that has a life of its own, which speaks of both discipline and genius, hard work and freedom, material and divine!

What happens is that it adds character and uplevels your space.

I am talking here about something that speaks to your heart and senses. I don’t believe in buying something “prestigious” only for the sake of displaying it.

So if you have the chance, buy a painting that you really like. Choose how to display it (a frame can change everything) and just enjoy this piece of art.